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Olivarera Italo Mexicana

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Olivarera Italo Mexicana is a young company it has different olive varieties as for example: Mission, Nevadillo, Carolea, Coratina, Messinase, Frantoio, Nocelara, Leccino. It produce extra virgin olive oil either individually or blended.
Olivarera Italo Mexicana has good soil and climate conditions in this region and these factors play an important role for olive oil production. Trees are fertilized and water the year round and so far no pests or pathogens have been reported. Apart from the fertilizers no other chemical solution has ever been applied in the last 12 years. The plantation consist of 260,000 trees and they are growing very well so far.
Marta Welsh 2027 Mexicali
21040 Mexicali, BCN
Phone: 011 (52) 686 557 114
First Year in Business
Grower and/or Producer
We produce olive oil

Production of olives from different varieties is carried out all year long. Trees are fertilized and water in order to get good growth and yields of olives. Harvesting is carried out from late September to early December this considering that every variety matures at different times.
Name Alfonso Amaro Treviño de Vega
Company Olivarera Italo Mexicana
001 (52) 8111554375
He is the owner of the Olivarera and is an entrepreneur who is always taking care of every aspect of the production of Extra Virgin Olive Oil in the company. He is always working very hard to maintain this company ecologically friendly and wants to become the best in quality in México.