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OCA Mendol Lda

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Mendol Lda is a 20th Century family enterprise converted into a Share Company and duly organized under the laws of Portugal since January 2004.
Mendol Lda it has established farming in the province of Alentejo, Portugal, producing and currently offering olive oil in pure state, a natural genuine olive juice azeite extra virgin, POD (Protected Denominationof Origin Alto Alentejo) that we farmers produce by physical means whithout the addition of chemical refinements or further process from the "Galega" cultivar olive tree fruits harvested in late Autumn. It is sold in 500ml, or 1litre PET bottles, 2 and 3 litre PET demijohns with certified tamper proof seal, individually numbered, packed in cartons and olive oil azeite virgin a superior cooking and seasoning oil sold in 220Lt totes, 1000Lt ECO IBC's UN certified or 20.000kg flexitank to be packed in 20ft containers. With a low content in linoleic acid and high proportion of polyphenols these are very stable products even when subjected to consistent high temperatures and with a shelf live in excess of 12 months. They have a good fatty acid composition and a number of natural antioxidants which gives them special gastronomic qualities. High proportion of mono unsaturated oleic acid which participate activily in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases. These are natural genuine products for sofisticated and discerning markets with no additives. Full chemical and sensorial analysis are issued by the Portuguese Food Administration AGRICERT.
Herdade do Mendol - Vimieiro - Apartado 46 Portugal
7041-909 Arraiolos
Phone: +351 266407042
First Year in Business
Grower and/or Producer
We grow olive trees

Variety Picual and Galega with drip irrigation
We produce olive oil

We produce by physical means without the addition of chemical refinements or further process extra virgin and virgin olive oil "azeite" genuine DOP (Denomination of Origin Portected) in the Province of Alentejo, Portugal.
Olive Oil Purveyor
We are a broker of bulk olive oils

We offer products that are 

Complete logistic service ex olive oil factory "lagar" to C&F destination chosen port for ECO 220lt totes, ECO 1000lt containers and Flexitank 21.800lt packed in 20ft containers.
Name Hugo Oliveira
Company OCA Mendol Lda
General Manager
+351 969830403