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Mediterranean Olive House S.A.

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Mediterranean Olive House S.A. brings you the tastes and flavours of Greece
Our deep knowledge of the Greek agricultural world, our creative and restless spirit in combination with Greek nature's unique gift, Extra Virgin Olive oil, has inspired us to establish Mediterranean Olive House sa in order to broaden our product range and introduce the gastronomic world with some of our country's highest quality products. With our excellent organization and extensive experience we cover the constant need for safe and top quality Extra Virgin Olive oil and Olives. We have select DOP Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Kalamata and DOP Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Sitia Crete. Additionally we have Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil from selected growers around Greece and Ladinio Extra Virgin Olive. Mediterranean Olive House brings the tastes and flavours of Greece directly to your table. These taste and flavours which are tightly connected with the knowledge of the cultivators, the climate and soil diversity make olive oil irreplaceable.
Thoukididou 19
21100 Nafplio
Phone: 3.02752E+11
First Year in Business
Supplier and/or Service Provider
We sell olives

Kalamata Olives It has been the most prized natural food for centuries. Naturally ripped on the tree, its colour is a combination of black and purple. Famous and recognizable by the olive lovers for its unique shape. A strong, juicy taste with a hint of fruit flavour. Hand picked with the traditional way, it maintains all the characteristics of the variety. It is worldwide the most famous Greek variety and is a fine Mediterranean taste.
Name Christos Mitrosilis
Company Mediterranean Olive House S.A.
General Director