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Azienda Agricola De Taddeo

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Our emerging farm "Agricola De Taddeo" can rightly claim to produce an olive oil of excellent flavour and top-quality. We are located amid the gorgeous hilly landscape of Narni geographical center of Italy. Motivated by high esteem and admiration of the nature we put all our energies in the attentive care of our olive orchard, the autumnal harvest and the following making of our oil.
Although being still a young farm in Umbria, the heart of Italy thanks to our premium olive oil we made it in the last years to establish our product as one of the best. Since a few years we supply as a single italian company the Formula 1's Paddock Club that is being kept by one of the worlds well-known caterer. One reason for us of being proud to introduce with our name not only oil, but also the region of Umbria all over the world. Also outside of the Formula 1 you can find our oil on tables in Germany, the Netherlands and in France, in countries that appreciate very much the italian cuisine. To become well-known Umbrian olive oil drives us to refine our oil's quality without giving up the traditional producing methods. All through the harvest we are following these guidelines. We harvest exclusively half-ripened olives to guarantee the most possible quantity of for health important ingredients like polyphenols. In this way we conserve also the typical fruity aroma and minimize the acidity. We complement the traditional "Brucatura", the hand-picking, by the sporadic use of mechanical tools that does not damage neither the trees, nor the olives. Naturally, we do not treat our olives in any way chemically. Since the existence of our homestead we do organic farming and now we are also in the process to get the european organic certification. This means that from next year's harvest in 2011 we will be able to offer our olive oil with the official european organic certificate.
Strada di Fabbrucciano 63 Terni
5035 Narni
Phone: 3.90745E+11
First Year in Business
Grower and/or Producer
We produce olive oil

We are harvesting the olives in the traditional way. That means picking by hand and with little rakes, that we support from time to time by the use of a mechanical tool that "shakes" the olives from the twigs without injuring nor the olives, neither the tree. At most for 48 hours after the harvest the olives remain well ventilated and after this they will be taken to the oil mill. In the mill the olives are crushed in a cold press.
Name Michelle Moehle
Company Azienda Agricola De Taddeo
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Name Maria Deanna De Taddeo
Company Azienda Agricola De Taddeo