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Our production and selection process is very carefully controlled from olive tree plantations until the bottling and marketing of virgin extra olive oil. This production process allows us to detect any problem immediately, assuring quality of our products. 65% of our production is Picual olives. The rest of our production is Arbequina olives. We have a capacity of 20 million kilos and expect this quantity will increase in coming years.
ACECASA, S.L. started more than 15 years ago and since then has been growing steadily. Our mission is to grind olives in orderto extract a extra virgen olive oil with maximum quality in all our processes. Our oil comes from olives harvested mainly in the region of Hellin (Albacete) but also from other regions of Spain. Our privileged location in the southeast of the peninsula, with an average altitude of 550m and a soft climate make the area a paradise for olive cultivation. This is evidenced by the existence of two Roman mills in the Archaeological Park of Tolmo de Minateda, located only 10 kilometers from our company. Our working philosophy involves three main principles: quality in product and process, excellent customer service and a minimal environmental impact of our production activity. We are committed to spread olive oil culture around the world. The careful and excellent work of ACECASA, S.L. has been awarded by different regional institutions and some of the prices are: “Gran Selección de Castilla La Mancha” and “Mora de Toledo. ACECASA, S.L. controls the whole process from the origin, for organic farming and non-organic farming until we obtain the finished product, the Extra Virgin Olive Oil. This is a result of owning most of the plantations so we are ready to provide traceability and a guarantee of maximum quality.
Ctra de Murcia S/N
2400 Hellin (Albacete)
Phone: 34967304930
First Year in Business
Grower and/or Producer
We grow olive trees

Actually we have over 1000 Has. of own olives nad we are encreasing our olive trees by 200 Has every year, and we will stop when we get about 1.700 Has of own olive trees.
We produce olive oil

We harvest and process our olives in our own almazara and last year, 2010, we proceed over 3.000.000 kgs being our actual capacity of producing and storage over 4.000.000 Kgs and we are working now in a new project to encrease our producing capacity until 6.000.000 Kgs.
Name Francisco Jose Gonzalez Martinez
Export Manager