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Trading Services USA LLC

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We provide our customers, extra virgin olive oil obtained by first cold press process and solely by mechanical means directly from different olive varieties, providing a custom tailored production adapted to the preferences of each country that demand our first class olive oil, including “NOP-USDA 100% ORGANIC” and “KOSHER” certifications, distinguishing between each variety in taste, aroma, texture, acidity and color.
•Monte Olivares Olive Oil is a 100% product Origin of Spain. We are an operated producer of high quality olive oil. Our orchards have been producing this quality olive oil since 1968. •To make our quality product more widely available to our customers, our orchards, which are located in Cordoba and Jaen (Southern Spain) in the region of Andalucía , have been producing a high quality olive oil for many years. Over the years we at Monte Olivares have increased the number of olive trees to meet the needs of our customers and will continue to do so to meet the needs of our future customers. •We currently produce approximately 7.000 tons of high quality extra virgin olive oil that equates to little over 550.000 liters each month. We do have the capability to increase production to as much oil as we need to fill our orders, allowing us to be a major force in the olive oil industry.
1800 NW 15th Ave Suite 155
33069 Pompano Beach, FL
United States
Phone: 954-532-0371
First Year in Business
Olive Oil Purveyor
We are a wholesaler of olive oil and/or olive products

We offer products that are Estate Grown

ORGANICNOP-USDA 100% organic. KOSHER – certified by a Rabbi. EXTRA VIRGIN PREMIUM – 100% extra virgin EXTRA VIRGIN – 100% extra virgin first cold press. REFINED CLASSIC PURE OLIVE OIL – Refined olive oil with 20% Extra virgin olive oil. Great for cooking. OLIVE POMACE OIL – Olive pomace oil with 10% virgin olive oil. Also for cooking
Name Javier  Echevarria
Company Trading Services USA LLC