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Palermo Olive Ranch

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Palermo Olive Ranch located in Oroville, CA.
Palermo Olive Ranch strives for excellence in producing the finest quality olive oils and olive oil products. Each year we take pride in caring for our orchard all year around. We use organic methods to manage our orchard. Hand pick the delicate olives and send them immediately for milling. Each November our orchard produces an oil which is second to none. Our oil contains a beautiful aroma, has an excellent flavor and is a delight to use in any household or business for cooking, salad dressings or dipping oil. Palermo Olive Ranch has four varieties of olives. Mission, Manzanillo, Ascolano and Sevillano. We also grow and sell table olives.
6996 Citrus Ave Butte
95966 Oroville, CA
United States
Phone: 916-613-1212
First Year in Business
Grower and/or Producer
We produce olive oil

Harvesting is done by hand and immediately milled for the finest quality olive oil.
Supplier and/or Service Provider
We sell olives

We sell olives if four different varieties. Mission, Manzanillo, Ascolano, and Sevillano. Please contact us by email for sales.
Name Judy Wilson
Company Palermo Olive Ranch