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O&CO., a Provence-based purveyor of premier Extra Virgin olive oils & exceptional Mediterranean culinary creations, offers an extensive selection of olive oils from many countries, including Spain, Italy, France, Greece, Croatia, & Portugal as well as exclusive collections of vinegars, tapenades & spreads, luxurious truffle products, sauces and pastas, seasonings, sweets, accessories and basic skincare products.
Each O&CO. product reflects an area’s history & aspires to import the standards of quality, originality & refinement that have come to define the company over the past 15 years. Every boutique strives to shares the experiences unique to the Mediterranean and to tell the stories of the artisans who dedicate their lives to producing authentic goods and preserving traditions. With 83 boutiques worldwide, including 6 retail locations in the United States, in New York, New Jersey, Boston and Denver, O&CO. encourages customers to discover the unexpected aromas and flavor dimensions of its olive oils through a tasting table and knowledgeable staff committed to outstanding quality. Each year Albert Baussan, the company’s CEO, and his team of dedicated experts travel the Mediterranean to select O&CO.’s Extra Virgin Olive Oils from the regions finest artisanal growers allowing the company to supply the consumer with a sense of the regions where the oils are produced. O&CO. shares the experiences that are integral to producing olive oil. Each bottle of O&CO. Extra Virgin olive oil features a unique label highlighting this and other key information including: olive variety, estate, country of origin, the "best before date" and, most importantly, the year of the harvest, which assures the olive oil is of the highest quality and taste.
52 Vanderbilt Ave., Suite 1503
10017 New York, NY
United States
Phone: 1-877-828-6620
First Year in Business
Olive Oil Purveyor
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O&CO. Boutiques are located in New York's Grand Central Terminal, Time Warner Center and on Bleecker Street. Additional boutiques are found on Boston's Newbury Street, Cherry Creek Shopping Center in Denver and The Mall in Short Hills, NJ. Products can also be purchased online at