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Podere Miniera

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In our little landhouse Miniera, everything gravitates around our "Perle Nere" (black pearls) - tiny little black olives which grow on a limited number of wild olive trees. It's them who give us the inspiration and the enthusiasm to proceed with our project: to transform our Perle Nere in a piece of art.
Perle Nere Extra Virgin Oil is a carefully selected blend of different olives from wild and abandoned typical Tuscan olive tree varieties, divided into 3 different, each of one is the expression of the ripeness of olives according to the month of harvesting. “Perle Nere” is not a a variety, it’s the name of my EVOO Under the name “Perle Nere” goes all olives from varieties I choose to extract my oil from. In order to be considered a “Perla Nera”, the olive trees and olives must meet some specific characteristics: all olive trees I pick my perle nere from are wild or abandoned autochthonous varieties of my area. Perle Nere EVOO, October harvest: green olives, young and fresh. Harmonious and well balanced, intense bitter and pungent. Intense fruity, perception of green olives and aroma of fresh cut grass. Herbaceous flavors. Perle nere EVOO, November harvest: purple (changing color) olives. Harmonious and well balanced, medium- intense bitter and pungent, with a sweet final. Medium-intense fruity, perception of green and ripe olives, who remembers leafs. Floral flavors. Perle Nere EVOO, December harvest: black olives, ripe and adult. Harmonious and well balanced, lightly bitter and pungent with a sweet final. Medium fruity perception of ripe olives. Flavor of ripe, red fruits.
Podere Miniera
56040 Lagoni Rossi
Phone: 0039 058875058
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Name Anna Veronese
Company Podere Miniera
0039 058875058