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Consulting on olive tree nutrition and crop improvements.Pruning team . Project co-ordinator for new groves. Team to plant and manage establishment.
Over the years the key to olive production has been nutrition based.Excellent articles and company statistics have led to good choices of products. Production increased by 300%. The average crop yields balance the on /off year cycle. Experience has been gained through excellent international consultants as well as using Brookside Laboratory for Analysis. Accredited consultant with BLI training.I can therefore assist olive growers in the USA as well.Experience in grape,stone and pome fruit as well but choice crop is olives.
7600 Stellenbosch
South Africa
Phone: 27835657337
First Year in Business
We provide consulting services for the olive oil industry

Nutrition recommendations,soil recommendations via Brookside Laboratory analysis, Pesticide recommendations but prefer to develop a biological strategy and gaining health .
Name N Uys
Company Olivetreeworx
I enjoy the olive tree culture as well as experiencing new high levels of production . Understanding of nutrition is is a process and key points have given rise to good production. Pruning techniques in conjunction with crop levels are also part of the process. Success in South African as well as Italian soil. Training as a Brookside Consultant has been key to understanding soil issues as well.Chemical background has been advantageous. Being a qualified consultant in chemicals has enabled me to understand the crop in many different regions as well as their practical issues. Nutrition training led to fixing underlying issues and moving away from chemical interventions.I can be contacted via email