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Grupo Lujor International S.L.

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Export of extra virgin olive oil produced in Andalucia Spain Jaen
We are the generation 5 cultivating olive trees of our ancestors. The family has been producing queen-viedma 25 years the best oil in the world. 15 years ago, we started bottling our oil, and distribute it nationwide in Spain. Our global project, started in 2010 with some of our product presentations at trade fairs supply. In the first year, our olive oil was present in 5 countries, with annual supply contracts, which have always been refurbished by our clients. In the second year, we are present in 21 countries. In the third year, we are signing supply contracts with large orders.
Doctor Sagar 10 Jaen
23630 Villargordo, JN
First Year in Business
Grower and/or Producer
We produce olive oil

Our family farms 4500 acres of olive trees in southern Spain in Andalusia, in the province of Jaen, called the world capital of olive oil, to contribute to world production by almost 50% of total world oil. Produce 5 to 6 million liters per year, of the variety Picual, and pack in 3 oil fill lines.
Olive Oil Purveyor
We are a wholesaler of olive oil and/or olive products

We offer products that are COOC Certified

Extra virgin olive oil: intensely fruity odor presents a color predominantly green tones and a slightly bitter and spicy taste, as a guarantee of preservation of all its natural components. Its acidity depending on the season, can be at most 0.3 °. Involved in obtaining the olives harvested in the early weeks of the campaign, optimal ripening stage.