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Agroalimentaria el llano s.l

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We offer to industry`s extra virgin olive oil of superior quality. Our premium product ARBEKIA SHAKE & TASTE, containing particles of olives in it, maintaining and enhancing the qualities of Arbekia. We offer the industry's first olive oil is shaken before use, accompanied by a golden sleeve custom designed to protect arbekia of light.
Arbekia is the result of a careful selection of the highest quality olives. We only market what we produce, because for us the most important thing is the purity and quality of a good olive oil. This is the purest juice of the Arbequina olive. It is decanted naturally and presented UNFILTERED. The suspended sediment heightens the natural properties of Arbekia, its intense aroma and authentic flavour. This is a wholly natural and pure product which is presented without having being subjected to abrupt changes in temperature. The cold extraction process keeps the oil concentrated, thereby producing its intense green colour with a golden hue. This extraction method improves conservation of the natural properties of our olive oil. SHAKE&TASTE… With Arbekia, we give as much importance to the quality of the product as we do to the best way to bring out its full flavour during use. That is why we are introducing SHAKE&TASTE, a new concept for getting the most out of the intense and natural flavours of our premium quality extra virgin olive oil. The sediment in suspension enhances the authentic flavour when the oil is shaken before use. Shake Arbekia to thoroughly mix the oil before use and release its exclusive flavour ARBEKIA, EXCLUSIVE AND INNOVATIVE. Arbekia is protected by a COVER: The design is exclusive, exuberant, elegant and pure… in an intense golden colour.
c/molina de segura nº5, bloque 5 1ºC
30007 murcia, MU
Phone: +34 626 23 89 75
First Year in Business
Olive Oil Purveyor
We are a wholesaler of olive oil and/or olive products

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we offer an unique and innovative product, designed for the most demanding customers. is oriented to the gourmet sector
Name juan nicolas
Company Agroalimentaria el llano s.l
sales manager
+34 626 23 8975