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F&H Business Consultants

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We are a Spanish business consultants firm specialized in import/export into the Spain, USA and Latin markets. We represent Spanish olive oil companies and producers.
C/ Cerro de Valdecahonde 24, 1ยบ-F Madrid
28023 Madrid
Phone: +34 649460391
First Year in Business
Supplier and/or Service Provider
We provide other services related to the olive oil industry

As business consultants we work for companies interested to sell or buy olive oil. Actually, we represent Spanish olive oil companies.
Name Enrique Fernandez
Company F&H Business Consultants
Business Manager
+34 649460391
Lawyer since 2002 at Madrid Law Bar. Master in Corporate Advice. Providing legal advice, investment projects and business consultancy services to national and international companies. Specialized in the Spanish, Latam and USA market.