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ASIGRAN S.L., with over 40 years’ experience in the olive-growing and olive-oil processing sector, is today one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of machinery for cleaning, washing, weighing, conveying and storing olives.
ASIGRAN helps its clients achieve profit by providing them with competitive, high quality products that are long-lasting and reliable. Clients also receive excellent fast technical support particularly during harvest. We serve the highly different needs of markets in many olive producing countries, adapting our equipment to each one in order to guarantee the best results. Our olive washing and cleaning systems are manufactured entirely from stainless steel. Maximum quality and cleaning results due to the properties of stainless steel. The best option for the highest quality olive oils or table olives. All products manufactured by ASIGRAN, S.L. are certified and meet European Commission regulations established in the EC directive on machinery. All ASIGRAN, S.L. products have been manufactured to ISO 9001 standards since 2004.
Autovía de Andalucía, 92
18360 Huétor Tájar, GD
Phone: 34953270213
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ASIGRAN, S.L. leaders in quality and performance since 1968. We have designed, manufactured and installed olive cleaners, olive washers, compact systems, conveyor belts, every type of hopper and all additional equipment necessary to receive and process the olives, both for extracting olive oil and for producing table olives. We serve the highly different needs of markets, adapting our equipment to each one in order to guarantee the best results.
Name Francisco Morillas
Company ASIGRAN S.L.
Export Area Manager