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Feudo della Mariandola

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We are a company from the south of Italy called Feudo della Mariandola. Our farm business is located in Sicily in the province of Agrigento, an ideal location for growing olives that have an exceptional quality and very low acidity. We produce and export three varieties of gourmet extra virgin olive oil: Molinazzo blend del Feudo; Molinazzo Biancolilla; Molinazzo Nocellara.
Our olives, Biancolilla and Nocellara del Belice of the finest quality, are hand-picked only when perfectly ripe, between the first decade of October and the first decade of November before the climate becomes wetter and cooler. Once placed in the crates the olives are carried to the olive press where the leaves are taken away. Then they are cleaned with water and soon after grinded with the cold pressing method under 27°C. The cold pressing method preserves both the delicate flavours and fragrances of the golden-green and lilac olives and the strong and intensive ones of the dark soil of medium hardness where our olive trees are planted. Elegance, exclusivity, pleasantness are the details that make the difference as different is the approach of Feudo della Mariandola towards details. The Feud takes meticulous care of every aspect of its visual identity, especially of its packaging, which is highly influenced by different sectors not belonging to the food processing one, this is yet another aspect that emphasizes the uniqueness of our project. Exclusivity does not necessarily mean high costs; even though limited, our production is accomplished with the greatest care for details and assigned to selected trading partners, in a direct relationship and close collaboration between those who produce and those who sell. "Feudo della Mariandola", is a unitary project that is not only a family farm business but above all a shared project among qualified persons. This is our idea of "exclusivity".
Contrada Rocca di mendola
92028 Naro, AG
Phone: +390922 959286
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We produce olive oil

Name Luisa Universo
Company Feudo della Mariandola
Export Manager (English speaker)
Name Gaspare Milazzo
Company Feudo della Mariandola
+39 333 9004442