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Elaia Gourmet Corp (DBA Elaia Mediterranean Gourmet)

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Elaia Mediterranean Gourmet™ , We are gourmet distributors/wholesalers of top quality Mediterranean Diet food items; gourmet importers/distributors within the Mediterranean Specialty Food class. Based on our low overhead, we can offer very good prices. We are specialized in some of the best extra virgin olive oils, all of them estate grown, some of them organic.
After a life dedicated to gastronomy and to achieve a healthy living, the founders of Elaia Mediterranean Gourmet wanted to help others enjoy what we now call Mediterranean Gourmet, a lifestyle very much influenced by the Mediterranean Diet, Michel Montignac, Ferran Adrià and by the Slow Food movement among others. We want to share the Mediterranean Gourmet experience with many people from all over, mainly through top quality gourmet products that are being good for our overall health are also being terroir manufactured by passionate small producers, either organic certified or not. Elaia Mediterranean Gourmet seeks to connect small producers of the best F&B with specialty food store owners and food service professionals, not only shortening the time from food production to the arrival at the shelf where the product will be ready for the final customer, but also reducing its costs. We are new to the US market. We bring with us not only top quality Mediterranean super extra virgins, some of them organic, all winners of many international medals, but also new products like the extra virgin spread from Oleaverum, or the seasoned mineral salts from a wetland in Valle Salado de Añana, a valley within the Basque mountains, some 50 miles from the seashore. We invite you to share with us the enjoyment of a lifestyle that is gourmet, good for your health and affordable. We invite you to share with us the extraordinary Mediterranean Gourmet experience.
9851 NE 58 St, Suite 119
33178 Doral, FL
United States
Phone: 9174389257
First Year in Business
Olive Oil Purveyor
We are a wholesaler of olive oil and/or olive products

We offer products that are Organic, Estate Grown

Elaia Mediterranean Gourmet specializes in distribution of top quality extra virgin olive oil from small terroir producers. We are the importers of the Mediterranean brands we then distribute to specialty food stores and food service professionals, in this way increasing the available shell life of the products and lowering prices. Although all of our actual brands are from Mediterranean origin, we will be including US brands to our catalog.
Name Ali Johnston
Company Elaia Gourmet Corp (DBA Elaia Mediterranean Gourmet)
+19174389257 (only mornings)
After a long international experience in investment/business evaluation in markets such as Argentina, Bolivia, Canada, Colombia, Ecuador, Italia, Peru, Spain, Unites States of America, Trinidad & Tobago and Venezuela, Mr. Johnston is an entrepreneur developing its own view of a global gourmet food and beverages business under the umbrella of the scientifically proven Mediterranean Diet. Mr. Johnston lives and works out of Cambrils, a Mediterranean fishermen town in Catalonia, Spain. Specialties: entrepreneurship, business strategy, business development, general management, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, e-commerce.