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Frantoio Carlini

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In a world where everybody runs around talking about technological processes, we decided to slow down and start to talk about traditional processes.
Frantoio Carlini dates back to about 1860 and is located in a small hamlet of Agosta, a small town in the upper valley of the river Aniene near Rome, at the foot of Simbruini mountains. Over the years it has undergone many changes in the production process starting formerly with a mill powered by a water stream which was artificially diverted from the adjacent river Aniene. Around the year 2000 Attilio and his son’s Angelo experiences combine with the initiative and enthusiasm of Angelo’s sons, Paolo and Gabriele. They then decided to modernize the entire Mill with a cold extraction system in a continuous loop, but decided to keep the millstone as one of the key steps of the process. Just a few years later the family’s main goal becomes to make their products known also outside the production site. They decide therefore to undertake the creation of their own label and to begin a bottling and marketing process no longer limited to the local direct selling, but also alongside more modern methods such as online marketing. In a market now dominated by large retailers and corporations, the path they want to follow is the one of uncompromising quality, personally checking the product from cultivation to harvesting, still done manually, of course, until it gets to the pressing. Angelo, who is an oil taster among the founders of UMAO (Mediterranean Union Oil Tasters) and land surveyor, personally takes care of the various controls and analysis of the biological and organoleptic characteristics of the products.
via sublacense, 102 Lazio
20 Agosta
Phone: 0039 347 4059117
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We produce olive oil

Extra virgin olive oil Comes from cold pressing of carefully selected fresh olives, pressed within a few hours of collection. The high quality of the product is characterized by a low degree of acidity and a series of organoleptic characteristics. The result of production processes is carefully monitored from the cultivation until harvest, which is still done manually, and the squeeze process.
Name Paolo Carlini
Company Frantoio Carlini
0039 347 4059117