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Cape Olive Route

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Our website lists all the olive producing farms in the Western Cape, South Africa, and we host Olive Tasting Tours to participating farms.
We created our website to make people aware of up and coming olive industry in South Africa. Few people are aware of this tremendously growing industry in the country, and of how many farms there are in the area that produce some of the best extra virgin olive oil in the world. We are hosting tours to participating farms for Olive Tastings, to let people taste the wonderful extra virgin olive oils produced on the farms, and also to educate them on the health benefits of olive oil. The producers in the country have a real problem, that people are just not aware of this industry in the country, and most oils sold in the supermarkets locally, are imported. We aim to change that, and create a market for our local farmers, so that this industry can grow, and provide much needed jobs for locals. There are some International Award winners amongst our producers, and most of the Extra Virgin Olive Oils produced here are of excellent quality and flavor, as the SA Olive Council keeps a close watch on the production of extra virgin olive oils.
24 Milnerton Road
7140 Gordon's Bay
South Africa
Phone: 720815376
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We provide other services related to the olive oil industry

We promote the olive producing farms in the Western Cape, South Africa Region, and host tasting tours to the farms. We also organize events to raise awareness of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, it's health benefits and uses.
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Name Mariette Chapman
Company Cape Olive Route
Business Manager
I only recently started my journey in exploring the wonderful health benefits of olive oil, and realized that the local producers are battling to sell their products, as the market is swamped with cheap imported olive oils. As our local olive oils are as good as the best ones available from International markets, I feel an obligation to assist them in creating awareness, and increasing sales, so that the industry can expand and create more desparately needed jobs in the farming sector.