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We market soil and crop enhancement products. Reclaim soil detoifier. to clean up soil from toxins from carryover herbicides and sodium. Renew: Root and tree growth stimulant. PHLAME Surfactant: to make your contact herbicide work better. SS-9 Surfactant: Used to enhance your fungicide sprays. Insect-X-Citer Surfactant: Used to make your insecticide spray work the first spraying. we also have many foliar feed products.
AgPro combines over 90 years of industry experience in showing growers how to "unlock" the soil problems facing today`s growers and achieve better, more effective soil fertility manaement. We are dedicated to helping today`s growers reach their full potential in the agricultural, horticultural and turf industries. Understanding your soil is the key to our success and it is our goal to put money back into the pockets of farmers and applicators by matching the right products to the problems faced in the current growing conditions.
P.O. Box 500
75755 Big Sandy, TX
United States
Phone: 903-714-8800
First Year in Business
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We provide other services related to the olive oil industry

Soil and crop enhancement products
Name Neil McIver
Company AgPro Marketing and Consulting/Growers Source
Owner: AgPro Marketing and Consulting