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Axion Esti

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“ Áxion Estí ” is a new brand of Traditional Greek Gourmet Products. The product family includes olive oil , table olives and olive paste . Our mission is to expand to the foreign markets and become one of the most established brands of Greek Gourmet Products in the world.
7 sarandaporou
18547 Piraeus
Phone: 3.02105E+11
First Year in Business
Grower and/or Producer
We produce olive oil

Áxion Estí is launching its family of products and guarantee for their success due to their origin and high quality processing that does not influence their natural ingredients . Furthermore the products are produced from one of the world’s most famous and unique cultivation areas ,variety’s and seeds in Peloponnesus ( Messinia and Lakonia) and Chalkidiki ,certify with all health European and International Norms..
Name George Vaxevanakis
Company Axion Esti