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Les Pastras

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We are producers and sellers of French black truffles (tuber melanosporum) and olive oil in the Luberon region of Provence, the world capitol of black truffles. We can offer the best prices and freshest products. Additionally, you can feel good about your purchase because 50% of the profits from each bottle we sell goes to the Rescue One orphanage in Haiti.
We are a Franco-American couple who moved to the South of France from Chicago in 2003 to take over the Pepin family vineyard, leaving behind our jobs in finance and public relations for fresh air, starry skies and organic farming. We believe in respecting the environment, that's why we use no chemicals and let mother nature provide the water for our plants. Our 11 hectares produce grapes, olives, apricots, cherries, plums, apples, pears, pomegranates, figs, almonds, hazelnuts and black winter truffles. We offer tours of the property with a special truffle lunch when in season. Tours may include activities such as olive picking, grape harvesting, a game of boules or even truffle-hunting, depending on the timing and the weather. And naturally, all tours come with a complimentary wine tasting and olive oil tasting! And should you decide to take a bottle of olive oil home as a souvenir, you can feel good about your purchase, as Les Pastras gives 50% of the profits from our olive oil and truffle oil to the OneFamily orphanage in Haiti.
Les Pastras
84160 Cadenet
Phone: 33626053049
First Year in Business
Grower and/or Producer
We produce olive oil

Organic, cold-pressed, extra-virgin olive oil. It has a smooth, creamy texture with undertones of walnut and a golden color like late afternoon sunshine. This oil is made with olives from trees that have grown in the wild and never been treated with chemicals of any kind.
Name johann pepin
Company Les Pastras