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De Rustica Olive Estate

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De Rustic Olive Estate - Premium South African Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
De Rustica Olive Estate: De Rustica Olive Estate was established in 2005 by people with a passion for growing olives. The Estate is situated deep in the picturesque Swartberg Mountains of the Western Cape surrounded by World Heritage Sites and within a biosphere of unique floral diversity which includes the Cape wild olive. The Optimal Olive Terroir Our carefully selected Italian cultivars are hand-picked and pressed on the estate. These ideal growing conditions, and the artisanal care taken in the production and blending processes, result in the exceptional quality of our ultra premium cold pressed extra virgin olive oil Our Olive Oil - Private Press This award wining flagship olive oil reflects the personal tastes of the farm owners. The passion, commitment, and perseverance of the owner’s to establish a world-class olive oil estate is reflected in this limited edition premium cold pressed extra virgin olive oil.
Oudemuragie Road
Western Cape
South Africa
Phone: +27 82 504 1881
First Year in Business
Grower and/or Producer
We grow olive trees

De Rustica has planted over 120 Hectares of various cultivars, focusing primarily on extra virgin olive oil with a small amount of table olives.
We produce olive oil

De Rustica has installed a state of the art ALFA LAVAL prcessing plant. Within three hours of harvest, the olives are processed through our state of the art press. Our olives are hand-picked on the estate and pressed within three hours of harvest.
Name Rhys  Ralph
Company De Rustica Olive Estate
Marketing and Sales Manager
+27 82 504 1881
Rhys is responsible for the development of the De Rustica Brand both locally and internationally. De Rustica is one of the largest premium quality extra virgin olive oil producer in South Africa. All sales and distribution and partnerships to date have been developed through the efforts of Rhys Ralph.