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Bläuel Greek Organic Products

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Mani-Bläuel Greek Organic Products is situated in the Mani, South Peloponnese, Greece. It’s one of the most beautiful areas of Greece, wild and rocky, and gives one of the best olive oils in the world. Here the koroneiki variety had its origin. Our company was the first, back in the 80′s, to start organic oliviculture in Greece and give the oil of this land its real value.
In 1980 the firm “Friedrich Bläuel” was registered in Kalamata. Fritz, who had moved to the Mani in the 70’s did something revolutionary in this area. Seeing most of the unusually good quality oil bound for Italy in big silos, he sat down and started to fill individual bottles by hand with selected oil. With the really unbelievable support of the village inhabitants, business got started. Burgi joined the company in 1983 and the small company flourished. In the mid-80s the Bläuels introduced an entirely new concept: organized organic agriculture. That was five years before the first EU Organic Regulation was introduced. The last successful years have shown that the conversion has been worthwhile for the farmers as well as for the environ- ment. The farmers receive higher prices for their organic oil and the increase of organic matter in the soil of the groves has helped the local fauna and flora greatly, proving that a heal- ing of the natural cycle of nature is possible. The network of farmers co-operating with Bläuel is now well established and producing organic olive oil in accordance with the highest quality-criteria on all levels. The Bläuel com- pany has become the most important employer in the area and one of the major bottling and exporting companies of olive oil in Greece, employing permanently 35 people in its staff. A total of 500 farms have been converted to organic farming over the years.
Pyrgos Lefktrou
24024 West Mani
Phone: 3.02721E+12
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Our quality comes from the unique combination of local factors: high intensity of sunshine, little rain and rocky mineral-rich soil close to the sea. These factors produce the Koroneiki variety, which yields one of the best oils in the world. What elevates the quality to top levels is the methods of cultivation in the Mani. The trees are not artificially watered and are kept small by means of a severe trimming of the branches once a year.
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Name Silvia Lazzari
Company Bläuel Greek Organic Products
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