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Hellenic Bis Nutrition Products Ltd

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We would like to introduce our top quality Greek olive oil products from Messinia,Greece (Organic,Extra Virgin and Pomace) with great pride and pleasure to you.
HELLENIC BIS NUTRITION PRODUCTS LTD is a company which export and trade Greek olive oil products mainly and other food products as aromatic herbs,nuts,honey and vegetables in glass jars, all Greek traditional products.Our office is in Limassol, Cyprus, but the warehouse, bottling and olive oil press is located in Pylos, Messinia, Greece.The family who owns the HELLENIC BIS NUTRITION PRODUCTS LTD , are producers for three generations in agriculture olive oil with private farmlands in different farmlands in Messinia and continue to make organic and extra virgin olive oil,getting the highest quality.We are here in order to meet the demand of our buyers worldwide, bringing the koroneiki variety Greek olive oil in the first position worldwide for its quality and flavor.We can supply you with organic (bio) olive oil,extra virgin olive oil,pomace olive oil,olives in glass,vegetables in glass,aromatic herbs,all from Greek land.Please send us your inquiry and we will try to give you the best prices and service.
12 Agias Christinis Street,Germasoyia,Cyprus
4044 Limassol
Phone: 35725025080
First Year in Business
Grower and/or Producer
We grow olive trees

We produce olive oil

Our products are famous for their excellent quality and flavour (koroneiki variety),known for their top quality and we will try to bring our Olive oil brand on the top for our customers not only in Greece but worldwide. We provide Organic Bio, Extra virgin olive oil and pomace olive oil to you with competitive prices and in the highest quality.
Name Vasilis Samelis
Company Hellenic Bis Nutrition Products Ltd