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Zaholy is a family business engaged in the production and packaging of exclusively Greek and traditional products (extra virgin olive oil, vinegar, balsamic vinegar, grape syrup (petimezi), olives, olive paste), produced with traditional methods in the temperate Mediterranean climate, of a small mountain village in Corinth, Pyrgos (Evrostini region).
Zaholy is the evolution of the first oil mill in the region of Pyrgos, Corinth, which dates back to the late 18th century and belonged to the Kolokythas family. When our ancestors began to produce oil in order to cover the needs of a large family, they were dreaming of expanding their productive ability in order to serve more fellow villagers. The region experienced war and shortages. Many times the oil mill was either inactive or underactive. The dedication and vision, however, that passed from generation to generation was the driving force behind the current revival of one of the longest standing traditional oil mills in Greece. We kept the pure and traditional production methods, and enhanced our traditional olive oil mill by developing an additional production, packaging and marketing unit of traditional organic Mediterranean products, such as vinegar, balsamic vinegar, grape syrup, olives, olive paste and extra virgin olive oil of course.
Pyrgos Korinthias
First Year in Business
Grower and/or Producer
We grow olive trees

Patrini and Koroneiki olive varieties
We produce olive oil

Our extra virgin olive oil is a product of first cold press, the extraction procedure that we use no water and heating. Our oil mill is one of the most rare ecological two-phase oil mills. That's why the oil keeps its sweet, soft, natural taste, its golden-green color and lovely aroma. Besides, it is heart friendly and contains no cholesterol.
Supplier and/or Service Provider
We sell olives

We have a private mill

Olive Oil Purveyor
We are a retailer of olive oil and/or olive products

We offer products that are Organic

We are a wholesaler of olive oil and/or olive products

We offer products that are Organic