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Morgenster Wine and Olive Estate

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Situated in Somerset West, the philosophy of Morgenster has been, and will always be, to produce wines and olive products that rival the best in South Africa, and indeed the world.
In 1992 when Mr Bertrand bought the property, the market signals were clear that South Africa was ready to begin the process of of adopting an olive oil culture. Although the industry was 75 years old at that stage, Olive oil production was predominantly from a single cultivar, the Mission olive, which produces better table olives than it does olive oil. In order to produce extra virgin olive oil that met his exacting standards, Mr Bertrand needed to secure the very best expertise and plant material. This was accomplished by establishing a long-term partnership with Professor Guiseppe Fontanazza (previously head of the Olive Oil Institute of Italy) and importing, from Italy, the world's leading cultivars; more than 3000 trees where shipped to Morgenster from an area stretching from Tuscany to Sicily
Vergelegen Ave
7130 Somerset West, WC
South Africa
Phone: 218521738
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Name Gerrie  Duvenage
Company Morgenster Wine and Olive Estate
Olive Oil maker
021 852 1738
Gerrie Duvenage joined Morgenster in 1994,to help accomplish the dream of owner Giulio Bertrand "to make the best Olive Oil in South Africa". After studying Agricultural Research at Pretoria Technicon, Gerrie was responsible for various Olive research projects at Infruitec in Stellenbosch for 7 years. The Olive industry had just started to pick-up and he helped numerous potential producers to grow and produce olives and olive oil successfully. Although Gerrie gained valuable experience during his olive research, he regards his most important knowledge as coming from several trips to Italy where he spent many hours with Professor Fontanazza, the Director of the most important Olive Research Institute in Italy. Gerrie has won numerous awards for the Estate with Morgenster’s Extra Virgin Olive Oil, including SA Olive achiever of the year award in 2006. Gerrie was recognized for playing a pivotal role in all aspects of the olive industry.
Name Giulio  Bertrand
Company Morgenster Wine and Olive Estate
With a lifelong philosophy of producing only the best Bertrand sought advice from experts who suggested that Morgenster’s terroir was perfectly suited to red wine grape varieties and olives. While it is part of Italian culture to produce fine wines and olives together the concept was an innovation in South Africa at the time, and Bertrand set about acquiring the expertise to pursue his goal of perfection. He built a long-term partnership with the Olive Oil Research Institute of Italy from which he imports the world’s most up to date olive tree cultivars and production technology. The trees are propagated in the Morgenster nursery and they and leading production technology are sold to other farms to advance the local olive industry. This has given the entire local industry a competitive edge and South African olive oils are internationally acclaimed.