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Domaine Sidi Mrayah - Ferme Lakhoua

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The Domaine, located at Zaghouan in Tunisia, is certified organic ECOCERT both in Europe and in America. It produces premium extra virgin olive oil, two monocultivar from the Picholine and Beldi Zaghouan, an indigenous variety that produces a premium oil of character. In 2013, it’s olive oil already won one silver and two gold medals in two different international contests.
The Lakhoua Farm, also known as Domaine Sidi Mrayah is located in one of the most beautiful agricultural regions of Tunisia, Zaghouan, at 60km from Tunis. Certified organic in Europe but also in America, it is proud of its premium extra virgin olive oil hand-picked and produced using traditional methods. Silver medalist at the Italian BIOL 2013 award and double gold medalist at the German BIOPRESS 2013 award, it’s product will be part of the BIOL world's best organic oils guide 2013. The Domaine is also the first and only one farm in Tunisia, using a German electronic management system for irrigation, the ZIM PLANT. An innovative and effective way to improve the olive production, in quality and in quantity. More than just a farm, our Domaine is a special place, different from all others in Tunisia. It is a concentrate of all the flavors of a territory but also a space for research and development in organic agriculture.
Route de Jimla, Sidi Mrayah
1100 Zaghouan
Phone: -20556339
First Year in Business
Grower and/or Producer
We grow olive trees

Following the traditional method, our olives are harvested by hand and are the result of an unplowed soil, involving neither fertilizers nor pesticides nor any intercropping. An electronic monitoring system for the trees irrigation allows an production optimization in quality and quantity.
We produce olive oil

Product with the old-style processing, only the most remarkable specimens are then selected and crushed following a purely mechanical process. Cold extracted, without injecting water, in a two-phase centrifugation system: The oil continuous 2-phase system, extracts 90% of the oil in a single operation. The result is an oil of high quality which preserves all of its excellent nutritional values for our health.
Name Malek Lakhoua
Company Domaine Sidi Mrayah - Ferme Lakhoua
General Manager