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ELIDIA Olive Oil Trading

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Olive oil producing and exporting company based in Chania, Crete one of the most awarded and recognized olive oil producing areas within the Mediterranean. Our product range consists exclusively of PDO and PGI certified conventional and organic extra virgin olive oil products of the finest quality. Interested? Visit our website!
We are dedicated to producing and presenting to international consumers high-end olive oil products which conform to the strictest food quality criteria. Elidia’s privately owned olive orchards are cultivated with maximum care under a strictly monitored dynamic environment to produce an olive juice of exceptional taste and superior therapeutic value. In pursuit of our vision, we offer a wide range of products, all of them carrying a PGI or PDO stamp of quality and traceability from the olive grove to the mill and finally to bottling. Operating on a solid scientific base and with strong devotion to environmental sustainability principles, we have carefully set up a network of certified, top-level associates including olive oil millers, standardizers and specialists in the laboratory testing of olive oil quality. A reliable and cost-effective production and supply line which equips Elidia with an extensive operational capacity, adequate to meet high-standard quantity and quality requirements of our respected clients throughout the world. Confident as we are of the superiority of the renowned Cretan extra virgin olive oil, we place consumers’ information and operations’ transparency in the core of our business philosophy. Through our modern website, olive oil tasting sessions and other events we look to inform consumers on olive oil quality, helping them towards conscious and well-informed olive oil purchases. Visit our website now and find out about Homer’s “liquid gold”!
Milonogianni 111
73100 Chania, CR
Phone: 3.06975E+11
First Year in Business
Grower and/or Producer
We grow olive trees

Olive trees of the Koroneiki & Tsounati cultivars are cultivated in ELIDIA's privately owned estates with maximum care and under a strictly monitored dynamic environment to produce an olive juice of exceptional taste and superior biological value.
We produce olive oil

ELIDIA Chania Kritis PGI, ELIDIA Kolymvari Chanion Kritis PDO, and Nostos Premium Extra Virgin have been designed with a primary focus on our customers’ varying needs and a total devotion to environmental sustainability principles. We welcome you to indulge yourselves in a memorable taste journey through the aromas and flavours of a truly divine natural product.
Name Dimitrios Chondrakis
Company ELIDIA Olive Oil Trading
Exports Director