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Oro di Mompeo

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Uliveto di Maya is a private 5 acre olive grove north-east of Rome in a small lightly treaded part of the Lazio region called the Sabines, where olive trees have been part of the rolling hilly landscape for thousands of years.
The land and these precious trees are meticulously cared for with the help of local farmers, keepers of the artisanal secrets of agriculture that have been passed along through generations. The olives are hand picked and taken straight to be cold pressed into exclusive 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil at the local mill solely by mechanical means. Thanks to the limited production and the traditional methods used, the product guarantees the highest quality and most wholesome essence of this region’s outstanding timeless olive oil. We hope to bring to your table the unique experience of tasting the juice these trees have kept producing for hundreds of generations, and for you.
First Year in Business
Grower and/or Producer
We grow olive trees

Our olive oil comes from the blend of the Carboncella, Leccino and Frantoio variety and we harvest just before the olives reach their full maturity. This makes hand collection more difficult and yields a smaller quantity but guarantees the best organoleptic properties. Our oil is green with a golden glow; a distinct color of this region’s oil.
We produce olive oil

The olive oil is extracted mechanically with a process in which the temperature does not go beyond room temperature (so called cold pressing) ensuring the most healthy and wholesome product. This process though does not yield quantity and does not ensure long shelf life. The oil is unfiltered and we let gravity do its work, allowing the sediment to sink to the bottom before bottling the oil.
Name Maya florence Brittain
Company Oro di Mompeo