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Baker Wine and Grape Analysis

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Analytical Laboratory
COOC approved laboratory. Acidity and Peroxide test for small producers - $50. Acidity, Peroxide and UV tests for large producers - $70. Polyphenols test - $75. Minimum 100 mL oil sample to perform all tests. Very quick turnaround.
825 Riverside Ave. #3 San Luis Obispo
93446 Paso Robles, CA
United States
Phone: 805-226-8386
First Year in Business
Testing Laboratory
We provide chemical testing for the olive oil industry

Chemical analysis of olive oil
Name Brenda Baker
Company Baker Wine and Grape Analysis
Dr. Brenda Baker recieved her Ph. D. from Colorado State University in Biochemistry in 1992. She taught college chemistry in Colorado until 1998 and various college chemistry courses at Calpoly in San Luis Obispo until 2007. She founded her analytical lab in 2002 to serve the growing wine industry and was approached by local olive producers to begin analyzing olive oil in 2003. Her laboratory is approved by COOC and she has been accredited by the American Oil Chemist Society since 2008.