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Issue 25 August 2012
A Word to Our Readers
Create Your Own Olive Oil and Vinegar bottles in a Style All Your Own
Olive Oil and Your Health
Climate Impact on Orchards
Olive Oil and the Olympics

Issue 24 June-July 2012
Private Label Production Continues Push in Gourmet Market
Palmina Wines Finds the Perfect Pairing
Eggplant Parmesan
Create Your Own Oil or Vinegar Custom Labeled Bottles Online at The Olive Oil Source Boutique
What Do You Think?
Three More Reasons to Shop with Us
Real Men Use Olive Oil
June and July Pressing Matters

Issue 23 May 2012
Can Digital Apps Solve the Industry's #1 Challenge?
Nancy Ash: Exporting California Olive Oil Around the World
Lemon Basil Pesto
Seeing is Believing: Create Your Own Olive Oil or Vinegar Shiners
Too Many Tactics, Too Little Money. The 8-Hour Solution.
Treat Mom to Beautiful Olive Oil Essentials
Get a Sexy Summer Tan with Olive Oil
May Pressing Matters

Issue 22 April 2012
Olive Fly Researcher, Matthew Sorge, Does Battle Against Evil
Dr. Selina Wang – Chemical Attraction to Olive Oil
Grilled Asparagus with Anchovy Vinaigrette
Nitrogen Slows the Aging Process
Three Things You All Know About Olive Oil
Spring is All About New Growth
The World's Largest Frittata
April Pressing Matters

Issue 21 March 2012
New TASC Report Identifies Unique Chemical Profiles of US Olive Oils
Francisco Gobbee: Argentinian Olive Oil Steps on to the World Stage
Vegetable Cake
The Science Behind the Magic of EVOO
How Do You Stack Up When Customers Comparison Shop?
Expand Your Brand in 5 Simple Steps: Create Your Own Oil or Vinegar Shiner
Treat Your Winter Cold ... with Olive Oil
Affordable Extravagance
March Pressing Matters

Issue 20 February 2012
Several Industry Events Address Challenges
Chef María José san Román – Queen of Saffron Adds Olive Oil to her Curriculum
Customers Guide New Product Additions
Olives and Oranges: Recipes and Flavor Secrets from Italy, Spain, Cyprus, and Beyond, by Sara Jenkins and Mindy Fox
First Impressions are Lasting Impressions
Healthy Winter Salad
The NEW “High-School Confidential”
February Pressing Matters

Issue 19 January 2012
New Olive Crop Insurance Program Approved by USDA
Three Things I Know About Olive Oil
New Products and One Place to See Them All
Paolo Pasquali: Listening to the Language of Olive Oil
Harvest Time in Tuscany – It’s all about “Amorolio”
Beet Medley with Goat Cheese
New Year’s Resolution: More Olive Oil!
January Pressing Matters

Issue 18 December 2011
Can the FDA Have an Impact on Olive Oil Fraud?
The Culinary Institute of America and UC Davis Team Up for Olive Oil Excellence
Caroline J. Beck: Curiosity Gets the Better of Her Everyday
EXTRA VIRGINITY: The Sublime and Scandalous World of Olive Oil by Tom Mueller
Gift-Giving Treasures
Import Makes Friends with Domestic
If It Is Printed on the Label, It Must Be True. It’s FICTION.
Velvety Olive Oil and Garlic Mashed Potatoes
December Pressing Matters

Issue 17 November 2011
IOC Campaign "Adds Some Life" to Olive Oil Awareness
Four New Ingredients for the Winter Pantry
Tom Mueller: The Olive Oil Industry’s Own Private Eye
Olive Oil Makes You Happy
Mythology 101: The Greatest Gift
The Importance of 12 and 1.2
Holiday Shopping Day Countdown
Butternut Squash Gratin with Dates and Pistachios
November Pressing Matters

Issue 16 October 2011
Perfect for Everyday: Our Affordable, New Kitchen Blend
Leandro Ravetti: World Emissary for Olive Oil Excellence
New Power Tool for Olive Growers: Hand-Held Harvester
Wine and Olive Oil: A Very Civilized Pair
Sizing Up Your Product Line
Removing the Pit Before Processing Creates a Superior Oil. It's FICTION.
Pine Nut Olive Oil Bread
October Pressing Matters

Issue 15 September 2011
State of the Crop
Hunting for New Flavors
Samantha Dorsey: Propagating the Future of California Olive Oil
First Press - Become Your Own Miller with This Home Olive Oil Press
Hair Care Tips with Olive Oil
Eat it. It's Good for You.
From Source to Table - Italian Style
Summer Citrus Tomato Sauce
September Pressing Matters

Issue 14 August 2011
Australia Sets Landmark Standards for Olive Oil
Industry First: DIY Private Label Branding
Paul Miller: On Guard for Excellence in Australia
Old-Style Processing Is A Superior Method For Olive Oil Production. It's FICTION.
Summer Skin Care Tips with Olive Oil
Smart Marketing Practices: Filling Your 21st Century Toolbox
Kosher's Here and a Movie Premiere
Flame-Roasted Pepper and Orzo Salad
August Pressing Matters

Issue 13 July 2011
Wolk Moves California Senate Bill 818 Forward
Adam Englehardt: Superman of California Olive Production
Freezing Olive Oil Can Prove Extra Virgin Quality: It's FICTION.
Thomas Jefferson and Olive Oil - Our First Foodie President
UC Davis Seminars Demonstrate Continued Interest in Domestic Olive Oil Production
New Summer Flavors and Faces
Fireworks Salad Splash
July Pressing Matters
Olive Oil May Protect Seniors Against Stroke

Issue 12 May-June 2011
Texas "Liquid" Gold Rush
Weddings and the “Gift of the Gods”
Harvesting, Transporting and Milling Methods Affect Oil Quality. It's a FACT.
Figueroa Farms: A Decade of Dedication
New UC Davis Research Extends Concerns Over Quality
Carol Firenze: A Passionate Ambassador for Aficionados of Olive Oil
Whether It's Mom or Dad or Grad: Show Them You Really Care About Their Health!
Fig and Blue Cheese Salad with Orange Vinaigrette
May and June Pressing Matters

Issue 11 April 2011
Carol Drinkwater: A Memoir of Life, Love and Olives in the Mediterranean
My Olive Oil "Soap Box"
Color Equals Ripeness and Ripeness Equals Taste. It's a FACT.
Favored Vinegar Line Expands: Lemon, Chocolate and Vanilla
Exploding with Organic Flavors
Melitzanosalata (Eggplant Dip)
April Pressing Matters
From the Olive Grove by Helen Koutalianos and Anastasia Koutalianos

Issue 10 March 2011
Senate Announces Subcommittee on Olive Oil Production and Emerging Products
Flavor Gap Between Perception and Reality Impacts EVOO Adoption
The SPA Has Become a SPO!
If Oil is Bitter, it's Bad: It's FICTION.
USDA Standards: To Certify or Not to Certify?
Flavored Oils Go Organic
Blood Orange Olive Oil Cake
March Pressing Matters

Issue 9 February 2011
USDA Provides Guidance in New Grade Standards
Balsamic Vinegar: Part II
Ed Stolman: Visionary with a Cause
Hearts, Health, and Romance!
Buying "Certified" Oil is the Only Way to Guarantee Quality. It's FICTION.
S'Wonderful, S'Marvelous...Saba
February Pressing Matters

Issue 8 January 2011
UC Davis Awarded IOC Accreditation
Balsamic Vinegar: Part I
Albert Katz, A Lifetime of Passion
Host Your Own Olive Oil Tasting Party ... the Italian Way
Profitability and the Four P's: Part II
Harvest Season Must Haves
January Pressing Matters
Gigi Firenze's Olive Oil Biscotti

Issue 7 November 2010
Happy, Healthy Holiday Shopping
Facial Masks with Olive Oil
The Sciabica Family: Four Generations of Passion
November Pressing Matters
Winter Squash in All its Glory
Olive Oil Yield is Not a Guarantee: It's a FACT.
Announcing a New Brand of Olive Oil: Yours

Issue 6 October 2010
New Online Boutique Opens with Unique Products for Every Palate and Every Home
Using EVOO with Your Bébé!
Mort Rosenblum: Observer of Olives and All Things French
October Pressing Matters
Marius Fabre: Turning "Extra Virgin" into "Extra Pure" in the South of France
Biscuits à l’huile d’olive (Olive oil cookies and cake)
Olives: The Life and Lore of a Noble Fruit by Mort Rosenblum
Stone Mills Make "Better Oil". It's FICTION.

Issue 5 September 2010
Industry Awaits the Perfect Storm
Dan Flynn, From Capitol Building to Capital Building
First Cold Press is an Obsolete Term. It's a FACT.
Preserving Summer with Olive Oil
Profitability and the Four P's: Part I
A New Line of Balsamic Vinegars
September Pressing Matters
Simple Solutions to Garden Bounty
E.P. Mini Transfer Pump by Carpanelli

Issue 4 August 2010
Grapevine Moth Unlikely to Damage Olive Crops
Patricia Darragh, Driving Domestic Success
Unfiltered Oils are "Better": It's FICTION. Filtered Oils are "Better": It's FICTION too.
Summer Heat, Pets and Olive Oil
A 6,000-Year Old Harvest in Jordan
Jordanian Chicken Kabsa min eid Habis (from Habis' hand)
August Pressing Matters
Frying with Olive Oil
New General Manager and Olive Oil Companies Around the World

Issue 3 July 2010
New Industry Research Validates Trade Impact of "Terroir" on Olives
Paul Vossen, Extra Virgin Virtuoso
Leaving Some Sediment in Olive Oil Makes It Better and Healthier: It's FICTION
Rejuvenate Your Lips with Olive Oil
New Online Forum
July Pressing Matters
Romesco Sauce
Touring Tuscany at Harvest Time

Issue 2 May-June 2010
USDA Revises Grade Standards for Olive Oil
Jim Henry, Texas Oil Baron
Olive Oil is One of the Best Ways to Combat Head Lice: It's a FACT
Eco-Friendly Household Hints with Olive Oil
In-Store Demos are Key to Sales Success
May and June Pressing Matters
Orecchiette with Fava Beans and English Peas
The New American Olive Oil by Fran Gage

Issue 1 April 2010
UC Davis Moves Forward with Olive Oil Taste Panel
Alan Greene, "Superfood" Pioneer
The Greener the Oil the Better its Quality: It's FICTION
The Beauty of Olive Oil
To Date or Not to Date, Olive Oil Labeling
April Pressing Matters
Roasted Asparagus with Lemon Olive Oil Mayonnaise
Health Benefits of Polyphenols in Olive Oil

Volume 10 January 2007 - January 2010
Glass Market Issues in 2009 and 2010
Paso Robles Olive Festival
In Search of Excellence Under a Tree
UC Davis Olive Center Marks First Anniversary
Seven Easy Steps to Turn a Good Harvest into Great
State of the Crop
State of the Crop, Part II

Volume 9 Issue 10-11 November-December 2006
California's Largest Olive Mill Decanter Installed
Frantoio Mill and Restaurant Adds New Equipment
Chinese Olive Orchards
Avocado Oil - Another California Boutique Oil
9th Annual Canada College Arts & Olive Festival

Volume 9 Issue 9-10 September October  2006
Public Olive Mills
Health Effects of Polyphenols in Virgin Olive Oil
Paso Robles Olive Oil Festival
Plant Smells - Cues for Nutritional Value?
New Zealand Gourmet Oil Competition

Volume 9 Issue 7-8 July-August  2006
Yolo and Los Angeles County Fair Awards
Olive Fly Hits Hard
Dow Agro-sciences Announces GF-120 Label Revision
Cal State Fresno's Estate Reserve Oil Pleases the Judges
New Owner Purchases Strictly Olive Oil

Volume 9 Issue 5 May-June 2006
COOC Olive Taste Panel Woes
Lodestar Farms
MOPREP Open House

Volume 9 Issue 3-4 March-April 2006
Olive Oil Fairs, Festivals, Competitions and Events
The Olive Tree as Cinderella
Mission Olive Preservation Project News
The Low Fat Food Fad Fades

Volume 9 Issue 2 February 2006
NASFT Winter Fancy Food Show 2006
Entries Sought for California Olive Oil Competition
2006 COOC Annual Membership Meeting

Volume 9 Issue 1 January 2006
Olive Presses Newly Installed in Southern and Central California
New Pasolivo Olive Press Installed

Volume 8 Issue 11-12 Nov-Dec 2005
Olive Festival Weekend in San Francisco Bay Area
Yolo County Fair Olive Oil Competition
Olive Pressing - Public Mills

Volume 8 Issue 9-10 Sept-Oct  2005
Olive Oil Label Fraud in Discount Supermarkets
Phytochemistry: Ibuprofen-like Activity in Extra-Virgin Olive Oil
Paso Robles Olive Festival

Volume 8 Issue 8 August 2005
The Blessed Oil of Solitude California State Mission Nuestra
Olive Waste Component Adds Antioxidants to Bread

Volume 8 Issue 7 July 2005
Der Feinschmecker Olio Munich
The Passionate Olive - 101 Things to do with Olive Oil
California Olive Oil Council Board Changes

Volume 8 Issue 6 June 2005
The Angel Tree - Book Review
Texas Olive Oil Industry Update
Olive Oil of the Americas Competition

Volume 8 Issue 5 May 2005
UC Davis Turns Olive Mess to Olive Oil Profit
COOC Lawsuit Settlement
New USDA Food Pyramid

Volume 8 Issue 4 April  2005
Does Your Olive Oil Have "Too Much" Linolenic Acid ?
University of California New Olive Production Manual
Time for Olive Fly Trapping

Volume 8 Issue 3  March 2005
COOC Annual Member Meeting
Research on Why Trans-Fats Inferior to Monosaturated Fats

Volume 8 Issue 1 February 2005
Taste Trends at the 2005 San Francisco Fancy Food Show
USDA Announces New Dietary Guidelines
Olive Oil Helps Prevent Breast Cancer
Great Olive Tours is Launched in the Napa Valley

Volume 7 Issue 12 - December 2004-January 2005
Sonoma Olive Festival
Flying First Press
Cloudy Frozen Olive Oil
Olive Trees Restoration at Vallejo Home, Petaluma CA

Volume 7 Issue 11 - November 2004
Arts and Olives at Cañada College
California Olive Oil Council Sues Olive Oil Distributor
Peacock Spot and Olive Knot
Olive Oil Prevents Gall Bladder Stones

Volume 7 Issue 10 - October 2004
Olive Mill Waste Disposal
Mission San Jose Olive Festival
Reserve Olive Pressing Times
Curing Olives Workshop Presented by Don Landis

Volume 7 Issue 9 - September 2004
Paso Robles Olive Oil Festival
Olive Oil Bottling Equipment
Factors Affecting Fruit Set, Olive Crop Size

Volume 7 Issue 8 - August 2004
COOC  Southern California Regional Meeting
Olive Oil Bottle Labeling
Satellites and Spy Planes Count Olive Groves

Volume 7 Issue 6 - June/July 2004
Los Angeles County Fair International Olive Oil Competition
American Culinary Institute Best Taste Award
Flawed Premise
Leone d'Oro Olive Oil Competition
Olive Oil Making as Science Curriculum

Volume 7 Issue 4 - April  2004
A Cheer for Cooking Smells
Olive Expo 2004
State of California's Table and Olive Oil Industries
Sonoma Olive Festival Wrap-up
Mendocino Agricultural Seminar
COOC Gets Development Grant

Volume 7 Issue 3 - March  2004
Olive Day at CLFP
California Olive Committee Report
COOC Annual Meeting

Volume 7 Issue 2 - February 2004
2004 Winter Fancy Food Show Report

Volume 7 Issue 1 - January 2004
Collectible Olive Oil Labels
Electronic Acidity Tester

Volume 6 Issue 12 - December 2003
Religious Orders in the Olive Oil Business
High Density Orchard
COOC Membership Agreement

Volume 6 Issue 11 - November 2003
Figueroa Farms, LLC Puts in Genius System
Arts and Olives at Cañada College
Smoke Point of Olive Oil

Volume 6 Issue 10 - October 2003
Reserve Olive Pressing Times
Olive Fly Update
Squalene in Olive Oil
Carmel Tomatofest Report
Europeans Want Their Names Back

Volume 6 Issue 9 - September 2003
Best Olive Oil Buys - Book Review
The World of Olive Oil
Olive Oil Culinary Guild Meeting
Planting Olive Trees Seminar
In the Competition World of Olive Oil, The Tasting Field is not Level - It is Round

Volume 6 Issue 7 - July - August 2003
Growing Pains
Olive Oil Marketing Strategies
Pieralisi Day Seminar on Olive Pressing
Olive Oil and Your Health
First International Seminar on Olive Oil and Table Olive Marketing
Spreadable Olive Oil?

Volume 6 Issue 6 - June 2003
Olive Oils of the World Competition
Top Ten Consumer Trends
Food Pyramid Update

Volume 6 Issue 5 - May 2003
Olive Planting and Oil Appreciation Seminar
The Ancient Olive Grove
ADM Kao LLC Launches Enova Cooking Oil
Olive Oil Tasting COmes to the Local Market
All About Expeller Presses

Volume 6 Issue 4 - April 2003
2002 - 2003 Harvest Year Blending Notes
California Taste Panel Gives High Marks to Arbequina and Arbosana
Unique Olive Oil Bar
Olive Fly Update
COOC Annual Member Meeting 2003
L. A. County Fair Olive Oil Competition

Volume 6 Issue 3- March 2003
Economy Olive Fly Trap
Palestinian Olive Harvest
New Sciabica Joins Family Operation

Volume 6 Issue 2 - February 2003
January 2003 Fancy Food Show in San Francisco
Assessing Quality & Defects Seminar
Assessing Quality & Defects Seminar
Pebble Beach Olive Oil Specialist Addresses Chamber of Commerce in Balikesir, Turkey
Super Sized to Death
Bulk Olive Oil Trading Site

Volume 6 Issue 1 - January 2003
Sonoma Olive Festival
Olive Oil Retailers
Is Farming becoming a Hobby?

Volume 5 Issue 12 - December 2002
Designer Cooking Oils
The New Kid on the Block
Wine Drinking Shown to Lower Alzheimer's Risk
Olive Fly Attack and Kill Approved
A Chanukah Letter from the Internet About Olive Oil

Volume 5 Issue 11 - November 2002
New Federal Organic Labeling Act
COOC October Members Meeting
Creagri Completes Financing

Volume 5 Issue 10 - October 2002
Canada College Arts and Olive Festival
Green Olive Recipe
Tree Planting/Olive Oil Appreciation Class in Santa Rosa

Volume 5 Issue 9 - September 2002
Olive Crop Update
Vitamin E, Heart Disease and Olive Oil

Volume 5 Issue 7 - July 2002
High Density Olive Orchards
Olive Oil Health News
Pakistan Hopes to be Olive Oil Producer

Volume 5 Issue 6 - June 2002
Olive Oils of the World Competition
Olive Oil Production in Turkey
What are Buyers Looking for in an Olive Oil?
How Did We Harvest in 2002?

Volume 5 Issue 5 - May  2002
Planting on Terraces
Chlorophyll and Olive Oil
Sciabicas & Sons Plant Italian Varieties
McEvoy Ranch Starts Regular Tours
Tree Status Report
Confined Space Entry Safety
Orthorexia Nervosa

Volume 5 Issue 4 - April 2002
A look at U.S. Olive Oil Producers
Life After Olive Oil
California Olive Exposition
Help with Nutrition Claims

Volume 5 Issue 3 - March 2002
Lee Iacocca and Olivio Supports Diabetes Research
Olive Day 2002 at Sacramento, CA
Olive Moth
Sonoma Olive Festival Pictures
Olive Fly Update

Volume 5 Issue 1-2 - January-February 2002
Sonoma Olive Festival
Winter 2002 Fancy Food Show
New Fleischmann's Olive Oil Spread

Volume 4 Issue 12 - December 2001
Crop is Good but Early Rains Lower Oil Yields Per Ton
Sonoma Valley Olive Oils Festival
Omega-3 Fatty Acids
Olive Fly Update
Can a Low Cholesterol Diet Stave Off Alzheimer's Disease?

Volume 4 Issue 11 - November  2001
COOC Member Meeting
Canada College Arts and Olive Festival
Olive Fly in Northern California
Olive Oil Lowers Cholesterol
COOC Publishes Educational Brochure

Volume 4 Issue 10 - October 2001
Olive Oil Labeling
Texas First Pressing
Little Book of Olive Oil

Volume 4 Issue 9 - September 2001
Canada College Olive Festival
Presentation of the Olive Oil Regions of Italy
Cancer Concerns with Olive Oil
Mission San Jose Chamber of Commerce Olive Festival
Update on Texas Oil Race
About Pitters and Stuffers

Volume 4 Issue 8 - August 2001
Olive Crop Appears Light
Lila Jaeger Remember
New Cholesterol Guidelines
French Olive Oil Industry
Olerina 100 kilo/hr Machine Debuts

Volume 4 Issue 6 - June/July 2001
Is Dietary Fat What's Killing Us? Probably Not
Killing Us? Probably Not
Winners Announced in the Olive Oils of the Americas Competition

Volume 4 Issue 5 - May 2001
Texas Olive Oil Race
Update from SOL - VinItaly - Enolitech 2001
Olive Farming, Lago del Garda Style
Mediterranean Diet after Heart Attack

Volume 4 Issue 4 - April 2001
Steve Sibbett Retires
Skin Wrinkling: Can Food Make a Difference?
Los Angeles Country Fair's "Olive Oils of the Americas" Competition
Creagri Introduces Olivenol, an Antioxidant from the Water of Olives
More New Books

Volume 4 Issue 3 - March 2001
California Farm Equipment Show - Tulare 
New Books on Olives and Olive Oil 
COOC Annual Member's Meeting 
Historic Planting of Mission Soledad Grove 

Volume 4 Issue 2 - February 2001
January Fancy Food Show San Francisco 2001 
Olive Fly Seminar and Update
Blessing of the Olives Ceremony in Sonoma

Volume 4 Issue 1 - January 2001
Community Press Produces Oil, Interest and Fun
First Plant Genome Sequenced

Volume 3 Issue 12 - December 2000
Alternate Bearing in Olive Trees
Calio Groves Open House
CA Pesticide-Related Illnesses Drop
Demeter Offers Organic Certification
More Studies on Antioxidants from Olive Oil Waste Water
California Farmers Hit with Tax Bill
Olives In, Olives Out

Volume 3 Issue 11 - November 2000
COOC Trip to Duarte Nursery
The Fusti Thing
Jesuit Retreat House Thanksgiving Weekend
An Alternative to the USDA Diet Pyramid
COOC Members Meeting
The Olive Press Community Press

Volume 3 Issue 10 - October 2000
Going for the Original Olympic Gold
Stella Cadente Founders Win Big
Olive Oil and Intestinal Cancer
Cañada College Olive Oil and Arts Celebration

Volume 3 Issue 9 - September 2000
Olive Fruit Fly Now State-Wide in California
Frustration over Olive Fly Control Measures
Olive Crop to be Smaller
Olive Oil Causes Heart Disease

Volume 3 Issue 8 - August  2000
Portuguese Renaissance 
Black Scale Control
Albanian Delegation Tours California

Volume 3 Issue 7 - July  2000
Olive Oil for Blood Pressure Reduction
When to Plant
23 Olive Flies Found in Tulare County
Year 2000 Bloom Observations in Tulare County
July is the Time for Leaf  Tissue Analyses

Volume 3 Issue 6 - June  2000
Olive Oils of the Americas Competition Winners
Road Trip
Sunset Celebration Weekend
California Olive Day
Olive Orchard Regulated Deficit Irrigation

Volume 3 Issue 5 - May  2000
Pomace Power
Turkish Olive Oil Wrestlers Don't Want Bears Watching
Polyphenols and the Ageing Process
Espalier Pruning Demonstration
Olive Oil Bottle Labels

Volume 3 Issue 4 - April  2000
Shakers and Pickers
USDA Announces New Proposal for National Organic
More Action Against Genetically Modified Crops
Tanks a Lot: Some Considerations on Bulk Olive Oil Storage

Volume 3 Issue 3 - March 2000
Can Olive Oil Help Prevent Heart Attacks?
Olive Oil May Protect Against Colon Cancer
Atherosclerosis - Comparison of Coconut Oil and Olive Oil

Volume 3 Issue 2 - February 2000
Winter 2000 NASFT Fancy Food Show®
Annual COOC Meeting at Jordan Winery
Discovering Oil: Tales from an Olive Grove in Umbria

Volume 3 Issue 1 - January 2000
Olive Oil is Healthy Choice for Frying
Blessing of the Olives - Sonoma
Community Press Day in Glen Ellen
Expo 99 at the Culinary Institute
Mechanical Harvesters

Volume 2 Issue 12 - December 1999
USDA Re-opens Comment Period
Jesuit Retreat House Olive Picking
FDA Food Labels
Sensory Evaluation of Olive Oil Class
Which is the Best Cholesterol Buster: Canola, Sunflower or Olive Oil?

Volume 2 Issue 11 - November 1999
The COOC Mission Olive Preservation Project: Soledad Mission Fundraiser
Will  "Green" Americans Revolt Against Corn and Canola Oil?
Canada College Arts and Olive Festival
The Support Order for Olive Oil Producers and Importers
Salute, Third Annual Consorzio Cal-Italia Wine Tasting
Fall Copper Sprays
Fall Weed Control

Volume 2 Issue 10 - October  1999
California Food Festivals A Good Venue for Olive Oil Promotion
Can Pouring On The Salad Dressing Reduce Your Risk of Heart Attacks?
New Cost of Production Study

Volume 2 Issue 9 - September 1999
Crop Report
COOC Mission Tree Program Rehabilitation Program
Report from the Fair
Genetics and the Olive

Volume 2 Issue 8 - August 1999
Strictly Olive Oil Goes to South Australia
Is Benecol Really "Bene"?

Volume 2 Issue 7 - July 1999
First Press Debuts
Table Olive Woes
A Trip to Lucca
Grand Aioli Festival
Greek Producers at NASFT Show

Volume 2 Issue 6 - June 1999
B.R. Cohn Winery Fetes Olive Oil Festival
The Ferrari of Home Made Olive Presses
Olive Fruit Fly Trapping to Start in Tulare County

Volume 2 issue 5 - May 1999
Report From the Verona Farm Show - Olive Mills
Pits or no Pits - What Makes the Best Oil?
Reed Beds Detoxify Olive Processing Effluent
Jamestown Olive Oil Company Finds Retail Solution

Volume 2 Issue 4 - April 1999
Pruning Season is Here
More Italian Varietals to be Available

Volume 2 Issue 3 - March 1999
Critelli Hosts Community Press Day
Sol - Uliveto & Frantoio

Volume 2 Issue 2 - February 1999
First Official Olive Oil Panel Of Tasters in the U.S.
Freezing Temperatures Damage California Olive Crops
Olive Fruit Fly Found in L.A. Area

Volume 2 Issue 1 - January 1999
Community Press Day in Sonoma
More Local Sources and Varieties for Olive Trees in California
S. F. Chronical Ends Year with Hall of Fame Picks

Volume 1  Issue 7 - December 1998
Harvest Season in the California Foothills
Olive Pressing While You Eat at Frantoio

Volume 1  Issue 6 - November 1998
Olive Oil and Heart Disease - Is Any Fat Good Fat?
Santa Barbara Olive Company is Pleased to Introduce Several New Items

Volume 1  Issue 5 - October 1998
Largest Family-Owned Olive Ranch to Launch New Industry
Olive Oil and a Greek Diet Lowers Cancer

Volume 1  Issue 4 - September 1998
Critelli California Olive Oil Announces New President

Volume 1  Issue 3 - August 1998
Olive Growers Unsure How This Year's Crop Will Turn Out

Vol 1, Issue 2 - June 1998
Celebrity Autographs for His Fans at Marin Farmers Market
Capay Olive Company to Produce Unfiltered Oil
Recent Studies Suggest Margarine as Bad as Animal Fats in Artery Clogging Potential