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Nitrogen Slows the Aging Process

By Caroline J. Beck
April 01, 2012

When it comes to extra virgin olive oil, “fresh” is everything. It trumps the flavor card, the provenance card, and pretty much all other qualities. Because freshness is what ensures that the best qualities and flavor of olive oil remain intact. So how can you extend “fresh” beyond the few months following harvest?

What three environmental factors impact olive oil freshness?Three environmental factors impact olive oil freshness: exposure to heat, light and air. Storing olive oil away from a hot oven or stovetop helps with the first. Buying olive oil that is bottled in dark glass or tin helps with the second. But what can you do to protect olive oil from the degrading effects of oxidation?

Wine aficionados have long known to protect their precious investments from the effects of oxidation with hand-pump vacuum systems or nitrogen canister spray applications. An inert gas made up of harmless nitrogen, carbon dioxide and argon, Private Preserve is heavier than atmosphere and lighter than liquid. It provides a protective blanket or barrier between wine or olive oil and the air that can cause its deterioration. Most importantly, it is completely safe and will not affect the flavor of olive oil.

Private Preserve is the original inert gas and has been used by wine and olive oil lovers worldwide since 1986. It is a great way to protect your olive oil in your fusti or any other container. With each can providing over 120 applications, it’s a small price to pay to protect one of the most valuable ingredients in your pantry.

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