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Olive Oil and a Greek Diet Lowers Cancer Risk

Source: Oliver Spits
October 09, 1998

Sausalito, California - An article from the September issue of Hippocrates magazine summarized the findings from a new study out of the University of Ste.-Etienne. 605 men and women who had suffered a heart attack were put on one of two diets. One was the American Heart Association's diet which permitted meat, cream and butter. "The other half ate like Greeks, consuming less of those items and more fruits, vegetables, cereals, beans, and fish, as well as olive oil and a canola oil margarine". The study was designed to look at the effect of diet on heart disease but found that after four years the "Greek" group had less cancer, just two new cases of cancer verses 12 in the AHA diet group. This is a small study and needs to be followed up with a much bigger one, but the results are very surprising.