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Round Pond Estate Announces 2007 Harvest Olive Oil

Source: Round pond
June 17, 2007

Round Pond announces the release of their 2007 olive oils. At their estate in the Napa Valley’s renowned Rutherford region, the recent growing season offered intriguing weather, which ultimately yielded a small, but fantastic crop of intensely flavorful olives. Marked by warm fall temperatures, the 2007 oils benefited from a long, slow ripening period that helped the olives develop a rich, buttery profile, accented by an appetite-wetting pungency. Though this year’s harvest produced a more limited array of oils than normal, Round Pond believes that the three oils they are offering are some of the finest they have ever produced due to careful blending of their five Italian olive varietals—Leccino, Pendolino, Maurino, Frantoio and Coratina—to create traditional Tuscan-style blends. Their two finest blends are then blind tasted by a panel of top foodies, including olive oil experts, chefs and food journalists to establish the most enticing incarnation of their Italian Varietal Olive Oil.