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Bottling and Labeling

Second only to the quality of your oil, presentation is critical to success. Never underestimate the value of image, especially when introducing a new olive oil on a retail shelf already crowded with options. Before customers even get a chance to sample your wonderful oil, something about it must appeal to them – whether it is the shape or color of the bottle, the look of the label, the brand name, or the “story”. Is it locally produced? Organic? “Nuovo” fresh from the harvest? The consumer learns all these things from how you bottle and label your oil. There are also some practical matters to think about when deciding on the finished package. You need to decide how you will get the oil in the bottle and the label on the bottle. So take as much care selecting the right package and packaging equipment as you do creating the finished oil. And remember the old marketing axiom “A good looking package can always sell a product once”. The content is what determines repeat sales.