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Milling is the process of taking olives and extracting the olive oil. It is often referred to as "Pressing", although this is an obsolete and incomplete term. In the following sections, we describe the basics of the process, the different types of equipment used, as well as some other considerations related to the milling process.

Why is modern equipment preferred over ancient methods to mill olives?When most people think about making olive oil, they often still imagine a donkey pulling a stone wheel around. This romantic notion, however, often misleads them in thinking that the old-fashion way of milling olives is the best way. This is one of the great myths about olive oil. Modern equipment, although it does not have the aesthetic appeal of the old stones and presses, allows producers to make vastly superior and healthier oil at a lower price, in much more sanitary conditions.

Here is a short clip taken on the first day of the milling season at Figueroa Farms, Nov. 2, 2012:

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Read on to find out more about the milling process in the following chapters.